New students who are to enroll in METU can obtain information from the Registration Guide ( and from the web page of the Department of Basic English (

Is it possible for new students to enroll at the university with missing documents? / Can someone else register on behalf of me?

It is possible to register with missing documents; however, the missing documents must be provided by the students until the deadline reported to them by the university.

If the student cannot be present in person for enrollment, someone else may complete the enrollment procedures on behalf of him/her provided that a petition is received.

International students must be present in person for enrollment at the university.

What are the procedures applied for students who re-enroll to an undergraduate program at METU via university entrance exams?

Students who have not been able to complete the English Preparatory Class at DBE previously and re-enroll to an undergraduate program may attend the preparatory class for one more year.

Students who were in their freshman year or above at METU during the past two years may not attend the English Preparatory Class if they re-enroll at the university via the Undergraduate Placement Test (LYS) or an equivalent exam. They are to start their studies as freshman students.

At the end of the first semester after enrollment, is it possible to become a freshman student mid-year by providing valid EPE, IELTS or TOEFL scores?

According to the regulation in effect, it is not possible to become a freshman student mid-year.

I am currently a DBE student. When do I need to provide documentation of IELTS or TOEFL scores?

DBE students may provide documentation of their IELTS and TOEFL scores during the period from the last day of the spring semester classes until the deadline for the fall semester interactive registrations.

Can a DBE student obtain a transcript?

Transcripts are not issued for DBE students since they do not register for classes.

What exam rights do DBE students have if they lose the right to attend classes?

DBE students who lose the right to attend classes for any reason whatsoever can take the EPE exam given at the beginning of each academic year (in September) provided that they apply to the Registrar’s Office (RO).

Can a DBE student who loses the right to attend classes at the end of the first-semester register for the second semester?

No. Such students cannot register for the second semester.

I haven’t been able to complete the preparatory program at the DBE successfully. How can I transfer to a Turkish-medium university?

International students wishing to be transferred to Turkish-medium higher education programs must apply in person to the university concerned since the admission procedures of international students are carried out by the universities themselves.

In case of failure at DBE, scholarship students who are placed in METU by the Presidency of Turks and Related Communities Abroad or other similar institutions must apply to the institutions from which they receive scholarships if they wish to be transferred to Turkish-medium higher education programs.

Will my exam rights be reserved upon dropout and transfer to a Turkish-medium program?

Students who cancel their registration to a program in the English Preparatory Class lose all their rights at METU and cannot re-enroll in the same program. Such students also lose their right to take METU EPE.


Applications to graduate programs are made to graduate schools. For more information, you may visit and for registration to graduate programs, you may visit

Is it possible to enroll in graduate programs with missing documents?

No. Enrollment with missing documents is not possible.

I do not have the original copies of the documents (TOEFL/ IELTS/ GRE/ ALES/ GMAT scores) required for enrollment. What should I do?

The original copies of the necessary documents must be provided by the students during registration. In order to register without the original copies of the required documents, you have to obtain the written approval of the Director of the Graduate School concerned and provide the original(s) until the deadline set by the university.

Can someone else submit the necessary documents for registration on behalf of me?

Submission of the registration documents may be carried out by someone other than the student. International students must be present in person during enrollment.

What if I miss the deadline for interactive registration?

First semester students in a graduate program can register until the deadline of the course add/drop period.

Students attending a program must register during interactive registration dates. Those who fail to do so are not allowed to register during the course add/drop period.


For registration, course withdrawal and cancellation of registration procedures, click on the “Registration” entry. For rules and practices, please visit

Will my registration procedure be over after the submission of the necessary documents?

After you submit the required documents, you must register for courses during the interactive registration dates of the semester concerned.

How and when can I get my password to use the Student Affairs Information System?

You may get your password from theComputerCenterafter you submit the required documents.

My courses were added with the decision of the administrative board concerned after the registration period, but they do not appear on METU-Online.

You must send an e-mail with your name, surname, student number, course codes and sections to ( so that the courses you take will appear on the METU-Online.

How is the category of a registered course changed?

You may apply to your department secretary to change the category of a course taken in an “elective” status.

The (NI) category of courses taken in the “compulsory” status and those taken as extra courses cannot be changed.

How are the course replacement procedures carried out?

Course replacement procedures are carried out according to the provisions of the related regulations via the registration program during the interactive registration and course add/drop dates.

Students who fail to follow this procedure may apply to the concerned Department Chair with a petition for the evaluation of their course replacement request.

How are add/drop procedures after the termination of the add/drop period and the registration procedures of students who fail to register during the period of interactive registrations carried out?

You may apply to your Department Chair with a petition. If your excuse is accepted, your registration procedure will be carried out by the Registrar’s Office upon the approval of the Department Chair and decision of the Administrative Board concerned.

How are the course counting procedures carried out between major, double major and/or minor programs?

If you fail to register for a course during the interactive registration period, you must apply to the Office of Double Major / Minor Coordinators with a petition to have a course counted toward the double major/minor program.

You must apply to your department secretary with a petition to have a course counted toward your major program.

How can the section of a course be changed after the registration period?

Procedures concerning sections changes may be carried out by the secretary of the department offering the courses.

How are course withdrawal procedures carried out?

The student must first select the relevant course in the Student Affairs Information System (SIAS) program no.260. Course withdrawal will be completed after the approval of the course instructor and the student’s advisor.

Dropping a course and course withdrawal are two different procedures. When you withdraw from a course, you will have to repeat that course in a later semester.

Graduate students may not withdraw from courses.

Is it compulsory to repeat an extra, “not included” (NI) course?

No. However, if desired, courses taken in the NI status may be repeated only once.

What is “adjustment” and which conditions require adjustment procedures?

Adjustment procedures are carried out for students who have had a course/courses counted from any program and those who cannot meet the conditions for graduation despite having completed the maximum period of study.

The provisions concerning adjustment procedures are stated in the concerned regulation.

What are the conditions for obtaining leave of absence (freezing registration)? How is the application made?

The conditions for obtaining leave of absence are specified in the regulations. Students who want to obtain leave of absence must apply to the concerned Department Chair with the necessary documents and a petition in which they state their excuse latest by the deadline of the course add/drop period for the related semester.

Under which circumstances are resit exams not administered?

Resit exams are not administered for courses with the letter grade NA and for courses whose the end-of-semester letter grades are assigned based on student work spread throughout the semester (e.g. design and studio courses, courses with laboratory work, practical training, term projects, thesis work and courses related to thesis etc.).

Where can I get information about the procedures for summer practice and summer practice insurance?

Students must first have a preliminary interview at the company/institution where they want to do summer practice. If accepted, they must get the summer practice file (form/report) from the summer practice coordinator in their department. Before starting the practice, they complete the approval procedures (signatures). After completing the practice, they must have the summer practice form/report approved (signed) by the relevant company/institution and submit it to the summer practice coordinator in their department. Some companies choose to send the form/report by surface mail directly to the Dean’s Office or the Department Chair. The summer practice is usually registered by the student in the semester following the practice and the grade (S / U) is entered by the concerned course instructor at the end of that semester. During summer practice, students are insured against occupational accidents and diseases. Further information about summer practice procedures and insurance may be obtained from the concerned Department Chair.

Can the semester course load be exceeded for graduating students?

The course load of students is limited to the normal course load of a semester. The provisions allowing course loads to be exceeded are specified in the regulation.

These regulations are also valid for graduating students.


You may visit:

the “Payments” entry for tuition amounts and payments, various service charges, bank account numbers, and refunds,

the “Summer School” entry for summer school payments,

the “Academic Calendar” entry for the deadlines for tuition payments and refunds

at the web page

I don’t have the original copy of the bank receipt for my tuition payment, which is a document required to get a refund for my tuition. What can I do?

You can ask for a new copy of the receipt from the bank where you paid the tuition by stating the date of payment. You can also have the printout of the receipt stamped “True Copy” by the bank.

I don’t have a bank account. Can I get a refund by giving the IBAN of an acquaintance?

No. Refunds can only be transferred to your own IBAN.

Should the bank where I made my payment be the same as the bank for which I gave my IBAN to get a refund?

No. The bank where you made your payment does not have to be the same as your bank account for which you gave an IBAN to get a refund.

I’m an international student receiving a Turkey Scholarship. I’ve lost my scholarship. What should I do?

You should contact the Presidency of Turks and Related Communities Abroad.


For information about the procedures concerning the documents you can receive from the Registrar’s Office, you may visit the “ID-Certificate-Diploma” entry at the web page.

Can a student get a student certificate or transcript online?

You may use our website to make an online request for a student certificate or transcript. However, you cannot get these documents online.

How can I learn my ranking in class and get a document certifying it?

You can learn your class ranking from your program advisor at the Registrar’s Office. This information will be printed on your transcript upon request when demanding a transcript. Rankings in class are not valid for double major programs.

I’ve already graduated but I cannot view my transcript when I enter program no. 32, Student Unofficial Grade Summary. What should I do?

Student passwords are canceled six months after graduation. In this case, you will not be able to access the program. In order to get a transcript, you may visit the program advisor responsible for your department at the Registrar’s Office.

I lost my diploma. Can I get a second copy from you?

Diploma originals are printed as single copies and issued to graduates. No copies are available at the Registrar’s Office. However, to make a request for a diploma duplicate, you may follow the procedures at

May I obtain a Diploma Supplement a second time?

Upon request, a Diploma Supplement may be reprinted only once with the phrase “Second Copy” printed on it.

How long will it take my transcript to be delivered to my declared address by official mail?

Following your request, your transcript will be posted to your address within three days the latest. Official mail is sent via state postal service; therefore, state postal service is responsible for the duration of delivery. No mail service is offered via private courier companies.

Can anyone other than myself fetch my high school diploma or diploma supplement on behalf of me?

You must apply with a petition, specifying the person who will fetch your high school diploma or diploma supplement on behalf of you.


For information about transfer applications, please visit

May I apply for a transfer despite not meeting the requirements announced by the university?

Transfer applications of candidates unable to meet the requirements announced by the university are refused at application by the Registrar’s Office.

From which universities do you accept transfer applications?

All students who meet the requirements stated in our announcement may apply for a transfer.

The medium of instruction at my university is Turkish. Do I have the right to attend the English Preparatory Class at METU?

Since METU is an English-medium university, it is mandatory that transfer applicants (except for those who apply for a transfer to the programs offered by Turkish-mediumTechnicalVocational School of Higher Education) be proficient enough in English to follow their courses. Applicants must certify their proficiency in English during application. Applications of those who fail to do so will not be processed.

My GPA is x.xx. What are my chances of being accepted?

The applications of candidates who meet the requirements are ranked according to success by the concerned administrative boards and are accepted or refused based on available quotas. No information is provided until the evaluation results are announced by the Registrar’s Office.

What if I fail to register despite the acceptance of my application?

You may choose not to register, but you must be aware that, due to limited quotas, you will be causing another student to miss the chance of transfer.

Will being an “irregular” student pose an obstacle for my transfer application?

Your application will be rejected based on the requirement indicating that applicants must have taken and passed all the courses of their current program in the completed semesters (for METU students, with a minimum grade of DD for courses with credit, and S for non-credit courses).

Can I apply to programs requiring different University Entrance Exam (LYS) score types?

Programs requiring different LYS score types may be preferred for intra-institutional transfer special quotas

provided that the LYS/Other Equivalent Exam score requirement stated in the transfer application announcement is met.

Which year of the program will I start if I am accepted as a transfer student?

The decisions as to which year of the program the student will be placed are taken by the concerned administrative board in accordance with adjustment procedures.

Can I learn the CGPA’s of transfer students admitted to METU in the past?

Since the CGPA’s of transfer applicants may vary from year to year, evaluations based on this may be misleading. Therefore, no such information is provided.

Which is more important in the eligibility ranking for transfer evaluations, my CGPA or LYS score?

The student’s CGPA, the courses taken and the grades earned, as well as the student’s LYS score are taken into account in transfer evaluations. None of these criteria is more important than another.


Please visit for information about Double Major/Minor Applications.

Is withdrawal from a course an obstacle for application?

No, it isn’t. Withdrawn courses fall into the scope of courses not taken.

I’m currently registered in a minor program. Can I apply to another program, and if I am admitted, can I concurrently pursue two minor programs?

Yes, you can apply to another minor program, but if accepted, you must choose only one of the two programs.

I have applied to pursue a minor program. I have also been admitted to the Erasmus exchange program. If I am admitted to the minor program, can I remain unregistered?

If you are admitted, you may apply to the concerned Minor Program Coordinator in order to make a request for a leave of absence to cover the period of study as an Erasmus exchange student.

Can I make double major, minor and transfer applications all within one semester?

You may concurrently apply for all. However, if your transfer application is accepted, your other preferences will be refused.

What should I do if I am concurrently admitted to more than one program?

You must notify the Registrar’s Office as to which program you prefer.

How can I convert the double major program I am pursuing into a minor program?

You may apply to the concerned program coordinator.


Please visit for information regarding special students.

Can I obtain a student ID card immediately after document submittal?

No. You will get your student ID card within one week after the deadline for applications.

Can special students enjoy the same rights as METU students (use of swimming pools, student cafeteria, library, dormitories)?

No. Special students are not entitled to the same rights as METU students.

Is it a privilege to be a special student in applications for graduate studies?

No. However, in case of admission to a graduate program, the courses taken as a special student may be counted towards your program if deemed appropriate by the concerned Graduate School Administrative Board.

Can you send a transcript of the courses I took as a special student to my current university?

A transcript will be sent upon request by your university.


For information about the application to English Proficiency Exam, please visit

I’m currently a registered student at another university in Turkey/in ODTÜ. Do I need to pay the exam fee?

All applicants need to pay the exam fee.

I have already applied for EPE, but I will not take the exam. Will my application be valid for the next EPE?

No. You must apply again for the next EPE.

How can I access the questions in the previous EPE’s?

You may obtain the EPE Booklet from the Bookstore in the shopping center on campus.

The EPE is administered in two sessions. Which session should I take?

Since the EPE is considered one exam consisting of two sessions, you must take both.

Can someone else apply for the EPE on behalf of me?


I’ve lost my examination entry form. What should I do?

You may obtain a copy of the examination entry form if you bring your photo to the Applications Office at the Registrar’s Office.

May send my application via surface mail?

Yes, you may. However, you will be held responsible for lost or delayed mail.


What should be done get information about and apply for international exchange programs such as Erasmus/Exchange?

You may obtain information from the International Cooperations Office ( and apply over the Internet.

How are the course counting procedures carried out upon returning from an international exchange program such as Erasmus/Exchange?

The courses to be counted towards your program are determined by the recommendation of the concerned department chair and the decision of the concerned administrative board. The courses count towards your program are recorded in your transcript as non-credit exempted (EX) by the Registrar’s Office. A relevant explanation is added to your transcript.


You can get detailed information about applications to undergraduate programs at

Applications to graduate programs are to be made to graduate schools. Please visit order to access the graduate schools concerned.

You can get detailed information about foreign national identity number, residence permit and general health insurance at


You can visit the “Scholarships” entry at the website for information about scholarships and student aid.


Please visit for information about military procedures.

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