How to Get a Transcript


  • For registered undergraduate and graduate students, up to five copies in one semester is free of charge. The other applicants who are not currently enrolled (leaving, alumni etc.) have to pay 7 TL (10 USD to be sent abroad) per copy. Those students need to attach the related bank receipt to the application form. The hard copy of the application form can be submitted to the Registrar's Office by hand.


  • Fee for domestic posts is to be transferred to Turkish liras accounts, fee for international posts is to be transferred to Dollar accounts. Transfer fee belongs to the sender. 
  • For transcript fee for domestic and international applications, please click here
  • For bank account numbers, please click here


  • You are to upload the bank receipt to the "Upload Bank Account" section in the online transcript application form under Forms. The transcript will not be prepared unless the bank receipt is uploaded. 


  • Transcript can be mailed online by the Registrar's Office, or can be delivered directly to the person in issue with a closed envelope.    


  • Transcripts will be ready in one day. The applicant or a person who is authorized by the person in issue can pick up the transcript or Registrar's Office may send the transcript to the indicated address by regular postal service. 


  • In accordance with the legislation, Registrar's Office sends transcripts to abroad via regular post and Turkish Postal Service (PTT). Those who have time limitations are recommended to take this into account. 
  • In the case of mailing address is forwarded to a University abroad, the transcript can be scanned and sent as pdf format.

  • For transcript application form please see Forms