June 17 - 27, 2019

Tuition fee payment

June 25 - 27, 2019

Registration and Advisor Approvals for Summer School (higher vocational school programs, undergraduate, and graduate programs, and Department of Basic English)

July 1, 2019

Summer School Classes begin (higher vocational school programs, undergraduate and graduate programs, Department of Basic English)

July 1-19, 2019

Tuition fee reimbursement applications


IMPORTANT NOTE FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS AND TURKISH STUDENTS STUDYING OUTSIDE TURKEY: International students studying in a Turkish university other than METU, international students who are studying in non-Turkish universities and Turkish students studying in non-Turkish universities can apply for summer school courses by following the exact procedures of "special students" and can take maximum two courses in summer school. International students who are studying in a Turkish university other than METU need to pay double the amounts stated in the following link: Those who are studying in non-Turkish universities need to pay the amounts stated in the "Special Students" page. You can find necessary information on special students from the following link:



Middle East Technical University Summer School Directive can be found at the following address:

Department of Basic English students who have not qualified for the English Proficiency Exam (EPE) in June because their yearly average grade is between 49.50 and 64.49, and/or those who have failed in the June EPE may attend Summer School if they wish to do so.


The courses scheduled to be offered in the Summer School can be found at:

According to the decision of the University Administrative Board, the minimum course capacity in the Summer School is 20. If the number of registered students for a course is below than 20 (except for the courses that must be kept open through the justified decision of the Administrative Board of a Faculty/Graduate School/Technical Vocational School of Higher Education), the course is closed. Thus, a course may be closed upon examination after the end of the registration period.


Due to the limited capacity of the courses offered by the Department of Mathematics, it is not always possible to meet the high demand. For registration provisions set the Department of Mathematics (priorities, course capacity update hours, etc), students must also follow the announcements on

For courses dropped during interactive registration, capacity information will be updated three times a day at 09.00, 13.00 and 16.00. Among below mentioned courses, whose capacity is full, students can add the related courses after the capacity information is updated. This procedure is also valid for group changes.

MATH 118, MATH 120


All dates for interactive registration, advisor approvals, dates for tuition payment, tuition reimbursement upon evidence of a valid excuse, and other similar dates can be found in the summer school academic calendar at the following address:


Interactive registration involves the following steps:

  1. Tuition fee payment
  2. Interactive registration for courses (excluding Department of Basic English students)
  3. Advisor Approvals (excluding Department of Basic English students)

Students who fail to follow any of these steps at the expiry of the interactive registration period are considered not registered to Summer School.


Students must register online through the following URL:

The Registration program is opened at 9:00 a.m. on the first day of interactive registrations and closed at 5:00 p.m. on the last day.

The Advisor Approval Program is opened at 10:00 a.m. on the first day of interactive registrations and closed at 5:00 p.m. on the last day.

The Sequential Registration System is not applied for Summer School. All the students can enter the system (on campus or from outside campus; cabled or wi-fi) simultaneously.

Students must not open more than one registration window; otherwise, errors in registration are likely to occur.


Before proceeding to online registration, students are advised to consult their advisors about the courses they are to take.

Advisor approvals are obtained with two passwords (the student’s + the advisor’s). After completing their interactive registration, students obtain approval by visiting their advisors.

If advisors are not available, Heads of Departments are entitled to give advisor approvals.

Registrations without an advisor APPROVAL are not valid.


Designated staff will be available in the PC rooms to help the students with the use of the registration program.

The PC Rooms made available for registrations will be announced on the following web pages: (Turkish) (English)

Statistics on occupancy rate information of PC Rooms can be accessed via METU Mobile Application.


As the usernames and passwords on the central servers are required for registrations, students should check the validity of their passwords before interactive registrations start. In case of a problem with their accounts, they should follow the steps on


  • For problems concerning user codes/passwords assigned on the central servers, IT Support Team at the Computer Center (Floor B, Room B14; are to be consulted with student ID cards during working hours (9:00-12:30; 13:30-17:00).
  • For information regarding the criteria for taking a course (such as the department offering the course, the course category and capacity, the minimum GPA requirement, etc), the secretary of the department offering the course is to be consulted.
  • For tuition fees, the Tuition Fee Office (Faculty of Arts and Sciences, 2nd Floor) is to be consulted.
  • For library debts, the Directorate of Library and Documentation is to be consulted.
  • If it is necessary to make changes concerning registration after Advisor Approvals, the advisor is to be consulted to cancel the approval.
  • Questions concerning registration, may be sent via email to .Please include the error message you received when sending your inquiries, or your message along with your user information in the screenshot.


The registration program will run some checks in rules and regulations on student basis and send warning messages to students when necessary.

For additional explanations on the warning messages given in the registration program, please visit

Registration for courses are made in accordance with the provisions (previous grade obtained in the course, the department offering the course, section, last name , quota, etc.) set by departmental users.

The registration program will run prerequisite checks for applicable courses. As required by regulations, prerequisite checks are run on course basis (as defined in the catalog), not on department/program basis. If the prerequisite provision is not fulfilled for a course, the system will not allow registration for that course.

Elective course categories in the curriculum of departments are indicated below. Definitions may vary across departments.

Technical/Non-Technical Elective, Departmental/Non-Departmental Elective, Restricted Elective,

Elective, Free Elective

Students may register for elective courses only under the categories indicated in the curriculum of their departments.

Courses are defined in the Student Affairs Information System (SAIS) on departmental basis and according to the category definitions. A course can be added either in the status defined by the system or as a “Free Elective” (for departments using this definition).

Information on course categories is available at:


Information on METU IT Resources Use Policy can be found at:


Information on summer school tuition fees can be found at:

All students have to pay tuition fee during the summer school.

Tuition fee payments of international students having scholarship are made by the relevant institutions.

Summer School tuition fees are calculated per course credit. In other words, the students pay a total tuition fee equivalent to the sum of the departmental credit fee for each course enrolled in. For non-credit courses (excluding Graduate Seminar, Term Project, Special/Advanced Studies), the tuition fee is to be paid over two credits.

If students in a non-thesis graduate degree evening program take a course from another non-thesis graduate degree evening program, they pay the tuition fee per credit for the course of the other program in addition to the fee for their own program.


Payments must be made to the “On-Line Bank Account Numbers for Tuition Payments” of the banks listed in “Bank Account Numbers for Tuition Payments” under payments. When depositing their tuition fee to the bank, students should state their ID numbers, and have this printed on the bank receipt.

There is no wire transfer charge for tuition payments made to “On-Line Bank Account Numbers” from bank branches (in or outside the city).

Students are advised to keep their original bank receipts, as they are obliged to submit them in case of tuition reimbursement with a valid excuse.


The data exchange concerning tuition payments is done online by the banks. Students can enter the registration program as soon as they have made the payment.

The registration program checks the students’ payment data. Students who do not make any / full payment cannot enter the registration program.

Students are advised to check the information about their payment at the web address indicated below before registrations start:


The tuition fee paid for courses which are not opened or are closed due to the low number of registering students can be reimbursed provided that the student does not miss the “deadline for justifiable tuition fee reimbursement applications” announced in the academic calendar.

In order to receive tuition reimbursement, students need to fill out the form in the following link, print it out, and submit it to the Tuition Fee Office, together with the original payment document (students in non-thesis graduate evening programs should have the payment document approved by their departments).

Students should fill the Payback Application Form numbered 409 in the following link


The Tuition Fee Office (Faculty of Arts and Science, Second Floor) deals with tuition payments and related issues. Students who request tuition reimbursement with a valid excuse or who have problems with their payments may consult this unit regarding their problems.



  • Courses scheduled to be opened in ODTÜ NCC and ODTÜ Ankara Summer Schools can be found at the web address
  • Students who wish to take courses in NCC Summer School should apply to their Department Chair on Ankara Campus.
  • Information about students eligible for the NCC Summer School courses is transferred by the related Department Chair to the related Dean's Office.
  • An administrative board decision is drawn up for the concerned student by recommendation of the related Department Chair on Ankara Campus.
  • The decision indicating the courses taken by the student in the NCC Summer School is sent to the Registrar’s Office, which completes the registration procedures.
  • Students from Ankara Campus who register for courses in NCC Summer School pay the per credit tuition fee valid for Ankara Campus.

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