Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


For questions on the application process, you can read the FAQs below or contact the International Students' Office via contact details written below:


1. I have not obtained my high-school diploma yet. What should I do?

 Applicants who have not yet graduated should bring an official document (“Transitory Graduation Certificate”) from their high-schools stating that they are expected to graduate by the end of that academic year. But, if your diploma will be your exam result at the same time, then you need top wait for diploma result in order to apply.


 2. Can I send my application documents via fax or e-mail?

  Documents sent via fax or e-mail are not accepted. You need to upload the related documents to the online application program.


 3. I am a METU student and my high-school diploma and transcript are in my file in the Registrar’s Office. Should I resubmit these documents?

  Applicants who are METU students need to get their high-school diploma and/or transcript and submit them with the other application documents.


4. If any quota is not filled, will the required minimum scores be lowered?

  Under no condition will there be a change in the minimum scores.


5. I am experiencing problems with the online application program. What should I do?

  If you send an e-mail to the address given in the program, your problem will be solved as soon as possible. 


6. I do not have any high school grade point average (such as GCE, WAEC). What will I write to the high school grade point average section of the application program?

 You need to enter 0 (zero) to the high school grade point average section if you graduated from a high school with GCE or WAEC system.


7. My high school grade point average is stated on my diploma. In this situation, do I need to send my high school transcripts?

You should add your transcript and grade point average.