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Middle East Technical University directive for special students is summarized in below.

  • Special students are those who are allowed to take some courses, although they are not enrolled in one of the programs in the university. 
  • Information concerning Application criteria, required documents, registration procedure etc. is announced on the webpage of the Registrar's Office.
  • Special student application and admission procedures are held on the dates announced in the academic calendar.
  • For the admission of special students, the approval of the academic units are necessary as well as that of the instructor of the course:

     - The approval of the head of the department for undergraduate courses

    -The proposal of the related department and the decision of the administrative board of the graduate school for graduate courses

  • Graduate schools might have different procedures concerning the replacement of courses. If special students are accepted as a graduate student to METU later, the grades which are approved by the concerned administrative committee can be added to their grade point average.
  • Accepted students bring their registration documents to the Registrar's Office and their registration is done by the Registrar's Office.


  • Students currently enrolled in other universities or institutions of higher education, or who have graduated from such institutions, may apply to attend specific courses at METU as special students. They must go under the same application and admission procedures so as to have a valid grade at the end of the semester.


  • A person can attend courses as a special student for maximum 4 semester.
  • Special students can attend 2 credit courses at most and maximum 4 credit courses at total.
  • Special students cannot withdraw from courses.
  • Special students are responsible for abiding by the rules and regulations of the university.
  • Special students have the rights determined by the administrative board of the university.
  • Male special students cannot postpone their military service.
  • No diplomas or titles are given to special students. However, they can get official transcripts at the end of each semester.
  • The special students who want to enter the campus with their own vehicle should visit the webpage provided below concerning METU entrance stickers. For detailed information:



1- Application form can be taken from that link or from Registrar’s office, ground floor, application unit.

2- Attested or notarized copies of graduation certificate or Transitory Graduation Certificate. Application documents are cancelled one year later. Therefore, original certificates are not given back to the applicants.

3- Student certificate for those who are student.

4- Two photos (in color, taken within the last 6 months to reflect your current appearance. Your full face must be visible, easily recognizable). 

5- Receipt of the course fee per credit and application fee.

6- Copy of passport


Approval of course instructor and Head of department should be on the application form. Approved application form should be submitted to the Registrar’s Office ground floor with the other required documents. After those procedures are completed, special students will be registered. Special students do not take courses interactively.



Turkish citizens : 80 TL
International Students : 55 $


Turkish Citizens:250 TL
International Students : 250 $

For students from non-thesis evening master programs who want to take some courses as a special student, there is no tuition exemption or reduction. The fees of the courses of Evening Non- Thesis Master's Programs are paid on a credit basis.


Special Student applications are made for one semester, for the next semesters application must be renewed. If the applicant wants to be a special student for the following semesters, the application is required however application fee is waived. Non-credit courses (Except Non-thesis evening programs Graduate Seminar and Term Project) are paid as two credit courses. If the applicant would like to withdraw or cancel the registration due to the reasons such as insufficient number of student to open a course etc., student may request to refund their payment on the condition that they have appliet till the dates announced in Academic Calendar. To make the repayment, Payment Refund Application form ( should be filled out in electronic environment and a copy of the payment receipt should be attached to that form. For this reason, it is highly recommended to keep a copy of the receipt by the student. 


If the applicant would like to withdraw or cancel the registration, % 100 of the course fee is paid for the first two weeks; % 50 of the course fee is paid by the end of 4 weeks. If the course is not opened due to various reasons (due to not having enough number of student application to the course), application and course fee may be refunded within the first 4 weeks of the semester. For refund, please download "Payment Refund Form" in Forms section and submit it with the bank receipt to the Registrar's Office therefore it is recommended that bank receipt should keep.



Instructors, administrative staff and technical personnel in METU (except part-time instructors) pay the course fee per credit with 50% reduction.

Research assistants in public universities pay the course fee per credit with 50% reduction.

People in abovementioned situation should present copy of academic identity card and show the original one or they should present a document taken from the Directorate of Personnel Department about their designation procedures.



For students from non-thesis evening master programs who want to take some courses as a special student, there is no tuition exemption or reduction. The fees of the courses of Evening Non- Thesis Master's Programs are paid on a credit basis. The credit amounts can be found in the "Payments" section. Before making the payment, applicants need to see Tuition Fee Office (Dean's Office of Faculty of Arts and Sciences/ 2nd Floor) and get a letter for payment. The same application and registration procedure is followed except one copy of bank receipt should be given to the Department Secretary.




European Integration

275 TL (per credit)

Computer Engineering

460 TL (per credit)

Human Resource Dev. in Education

250 TL (per credit)

Informatics Online

400 TL (per credit)

Mechanical Design and Manufacturing

475 TL (per credit)

Media and Cultural Studies

300 TL (per credit)

Engineering Management

450 TL (per credit)

International Relations

275 TL (per credit)

Software Engineering

460 TL (per credit)

Software Management

350 TL (per credit)

Executive Master of Business Administration

770 TL (per credit)



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