Course Withdrawal

The rules related to the course withdrawals in terms of regulations in the Associate Degree and Undergraduate programs are stated below.


  1. Course withdrawals can be done in the first ten weeks of the Semester and after the add-drops are over.
  2. To withdraw a course, the permission of the Instructor lecturing the course and the approval of the Advisor is needed.
  3. One course at most can be withdrawn in one semester.
  4. Six courses at most can be withdrawn throughout all education period.
  5. Course withdrawal cannot be done in the first two semesters of the curriculum.
  6. Courses that are repeated, before withdrawn and taken in NI status  or courses without credits cannot be withdrawn.
  7. Students who are under minimum course load or at minimum course load are not permitted to withdraw.

Course withdrawals and approvals are performed electronically. The program for course withdrawal controls for the regulations and only those who meet the conditions are able to withdraw a course. 

Students use for course withdrawal.

Instructors and advisors use for course withdrawal approval. Instructor and advisor approvals can be done independently. After approval deadline, if one or two of the approcals are negative, withdrawal application will be rejected. 

The dates and deadlines for course withdrawal and advisor approval are stated at