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Son Güncelleme:
29/08/2022 - 09:24


Student ID cards are given to students after registration to the university and are valid through the duration a student is registered to a program.

Student ID cards are free of charge. However, a fee must be paid for renewal due to card loss, information change, or student demand. In case of getting an official record regarding the stolen ID card provided by the police stations, or any other police official unit, the student can apply for a new card without making any payment.

The students must get approval from the Computer Center Smart Card unit for the cards which are magnetically damaged.

ID cards of students dismissed from the university due to academic failure or not renewing their registration are deactivated. If they renew the registration, they must pay for a new ID card.

When the ID card is ready, the students can take their cards from the related academic units (Faculty/Institute/Vocational School). The ID card is handed over to the owner only. The cards which are not taken by the owner will be destroyed within six months.

The bank account numbers in which the fee shall be deposited are indicated under the heading “Payments”. The bank receipts must bear the student ID number, name, and last name. The receipt must be retained as the bank will issue one copy only.


Students apply for identity cards from the following link electronically.

In order to apply for the identity card, you should have ODTÜ user code and password.

Students who are responsible for paying identity card fee should upload the bank receipt to the system.

You will see your photo during the application if you have it on the system. You can use this photo or you can upload another one.

1. Photograph Specifications

  1. The photograph should be 50 mm x60 mm in size, in white background, and without a pattern.
  2. Files must be less than 3 MB and png/ jpg/ jpeg/ gif formats are allowed for upload.
  3. In the photo, you should have a neutral expression with closed mouth and be facing the camera.
  4. Eyes should be opened and clearly seen. Your hair should not cover your eyes and you should directly look at the camera.
  5. You should center the head with the frame.
  6. Accessories (like hat) are not allowed except glasses used not as accessorize.

2. Uploading the photo to the system

Information about the photo upload can be found on the program. While uploading, the photo should be centered in terms of shape and size. Applications not faithful to explanations about the format of the photograph will be rejected.

3. Preparation procedure for student ID cards

ID card applications of students are controlled by the Registrar’s Office, and appropriate applications are approved through the online system. Inappropriate applications (photo format problems, bank receipt problems, such as no bank receipt or mistaken bank receipt, etc.) are rejected. Students can track the application procedure, approval status of their applications, and readiness of their ID cards through the application program ( ).

The "ready" warning on the application program means that the company has completed the printing phase of the ID card.  When the printing process is done, the cards are conveyed to the related academic units (Faculty/Institute/Vocational School) to be delivered to students but it takes time. The students must take their cards from their academic units by considering the time needed.

In case of a rejected application, students should log in to the program, make the necessary corrections, and complete their application.

4. Picking up the ID card

Students whose ID cards are ready can pick up their cards by presenting their national identity card or passport from the related academic units. Broken or damaged cards are delivered to related academic units.


If found on Campus, lost ID cards are sent to certain units. You are, therefore, advised to ask the following units.

  • The Office of Domestic Services / President’s Office / Ground Floor
  • The Registrar’s Office / Student Counters
  • The Secretary of Related Academic Units (Faculty/Institute/Vocational School)

It is not mandatory, but advisable to place an ad on a local newspaper and save the ad in case of loss of the ID card or it is being stolen.

Since the ID cards bear a smart card feature and function as electronic wallets with money loaded on them, should be notified of the situation so as to block its usage by someone else. If this notification is not made, the risk and the responsibility lie with the student.


ID cards, whose registration is canceled, transferred or non-registered and dismissed from the University for any reason, are deactivated.


  • Do not keep the card outside a wallet, and in particular in your trousers’ back pocket
  • Avoid its contact with water, oil, chemical solutions, etc.
  • Do not staple or perforate the card
  • Do not bend the card, or use it as a scraping device for ice, etc.
  • Do not make incisions on the card with sharp and piercing objects
  • Avoid the card’s contact with hot surfaces
  • Do not leave the card as a deposit since it functions as an electronic wallet
  • ID cards cannot be given to others. Some of our students give their ID cards to people from the outside university and thus enable them to enter the campus. Their intention in doing so is usually innocent, and they do not consider the consequences of the conduct. This, however, is serious misconduct that calls for the disciplinary action of SUSPENSION. Unfortunately, quite a few students go through disciplinary procedures and are punished due to this misconduct. Disciplinary actions are recorded in student files and are not subject to repeal. Therefore, we strongly remind you to be careful regarding this issue and refrain from behavior that will lead to consequences that you will regret in the future.