September 11-13, 2019

Document Submission 

September 18-20, 2019

Interactive Registration & Advisor Approvals

September 30 - October 4, 2019

Add-Drop & Advisor Approvals


Registration Place: Culture and Convention Center Kümbet Hall
Registration Hours : 09.00 - 12.00 13.30 - 16.30


Students can check their student ID numbers from here.
METU graduates should withdraw from their previous program before coming for the registration. Please visit the web page of "Registration Cancellation" to get detailed information.
Please visit the web page of "Tuition Fee Amounts" before making your tuition fee payment.


  1. 1. International Graduate Students' Registration Form (will be given by our office)
    2. Bank Receipt of the Paid Semester Tuition Fee: Tuition fees are paid to the banks just before registration. You will need your student ID number to pay it, which you can find in the acceptance letter. The amount of tuition fees is stated on the following website You do not need to pay the tuition fee in your country as it is easily payable on the campus.
    3. Original Bachelor's/ Master's Diploma and their copies
    4. Original translations of Bachelor's/ Master's Diploma (if they are not in English) and their copies
    5. Original and copy of transcript (except for METU graduates)
    6. Original and copy of transcript translation (if they are not in English)
    7. Original and copy of ALES/GRE/GMAT score (Please bring your user code and password for online score check.)
    8. Original and copy of English Proficiency Result. (Please, click here to get METU English Proficiency Exam score. Please bring your user code and password for the online score check of TOEFL/IELTS if you submit any of them.) 9. Passport: During the registration, passports should be shown to the International Students Advisors, and copies of the pages that include “identification information”, “visa” and “the page with stamp showing the entry date” should be submitted. Students who have been living in Turkey for at least one year with an Education Residence Permit should give the copies of their Student Residence Permit. Students who have a diplomatic passport or a “blue card” do not need to submit visa or residence permit.
    10. 4 color portrait photos: You are recommended to bring 12 photos since you need extra photos for dormitory applications.
    11. Turkish citizens who studied in a university abroad must submit an equivalency letter from the Higher Education Council (YÖK) in Turkey.

Please do not forget to have a look at the International Student Guide for the newly-admitted students. Available here:


Address: International Students' Office, Presidency Building, No: Z-18, Ground Floor

Telephone : 0 (312) 210 41 81 - 34 14 - 71 71 - 71 89 -71 05

Fax: 0 (312) 210 79 60


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