Spring Semester Transfer Application Announcement

2019-2020 Spring Semester Transfer Applications

Application Unit: Registrar's Office

Tel       : 0 (312) 210 21 29 - 34 12

Fax     : 0 (312) 210 79 60

Online Contact Form


13-21 January 2020

Transfer applications

7 February 2020

The announcements of the results for the transfer applications

10-14 February 2020

The registration for newly accepted students (add-drop, advisor approvals)

Transfer applications are made within the bounds of "Yüksek Öğretim Kurunmlarında Önlisans ve Lisans Düzeyindeki Programlar Arasında Geçiş, Çift Ana Dal, Yan Dal ile Kurumlararası Kredi Transferi Transferi Yapılması Esaslarına İlişkin Yönetmelik" and "Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi Önlisans ve Lİsans Programları Yatay Geçiş Yönergesi".

Transfer can be made among the institutions of which equivalency is recognized by the Higher Education Council.

The transfer quotas, application requirements for each quota type, and requirements for ÖSYS and equivalent scores can be provided from Directive for Student Transfers for Associate and Bachelor’s Degree Programs.


The applications will be made online. 

The students who want to make a transfer application should fill out the online form indicated below:


Students will mark their transfer program (in accordance with their order of preference) on the list appeared on the webpage screen. Students can make maximum 5 program preferences.

The required documents of applicants out of METU should be submitted to the Registrar's Office until the application deadline by hand or via postal in order to make online applications valid. The applications with missing documents will not be evaluated, and the postal delay will not be accepted. 


METU students

METU students will not submit any document (transcript etc.) to the registrar's office. 

Students from METU NCC should submit the following documents

Transcript: Transcript which is taken from the institution from which student will leave and depicting all the courses followed, grades and Cumulative Grade Point Average. The photocopy is not accepted.

ÖSYS and equivalent exam score: The exam score that is submitted during the registration to the university 

The Copy of University Catalog: Applications outside of METU should submit the related pages of the university catalog, all pages should be certified. This pages should include information about the curriculum, course content, and departmental information.

The Copy of Identity Card / The Copy of Passport 


 The METU students whose application is not evaluated due to unsatisfactory program requirement will be informed via e-mail and their application status can also be followed from the application webpage.

The document will not ve returned to students whose application is not accepted. 

The students whose application is evaluated and accepted by the related administrative board will be announced on the "Announcements" section of the webpage.


The more information about tuition fee payment for transfer students can be provided in the link below: 



Within METU transfers, the courses and their grades taken from previous programs are included in the Cumulative Grade Point Average (except for the courses irrelevant to the transferred program) and the transcript of the transferred program. The adaptation process is done for the courses with different codes.

For the students outside of METU, the courses taken from previous programs can be counted into the new program by the proposal of Department Chair and the decision of related Administrative Committee. These courses are not included in the Cumulative Grade Point Average but they provide exemption.


The duration spent in the previous program is also considered for the calculation of maximum education time of the new program.


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