28 NOVEMBER 2022


The application start date for METU English Proficiency Exam dated December 20, 2022

09 DECEMBER 2022


Application deadline for the METU English Proficiency Exam dated December 20, 2022 (by 17.00)

16 DECEMBER 2022

Announcement of the students' list who will take the proficiency exam and exam places (The program will open at 12:00)


20 DECEMBER 2022

METU English Proficiency Exam

Time: 10:00

* For graduate program applicants who are METU students (3th  and 4th grades) and students outside METU

* For students who are within the scope of Article 35

The exam will be held face-to-face.

Students who will take the exam must fulfill the following:

* They should read the EPE Exam Guide carefully.

Admission to the exam places will be provided as of 9:30

Detailed information about the exam can be found at https://epe.metu.edu.tr/.

27 DECEMBER 2022

Announcement of the proficiency exam results