1. Test takers are required to have with them their citizenship card or passport, a soft pencil, a ball point pen and an eraser.

2. Test takers are not permitted to have with them or use during the exam or the following: bags of any kind (handbags, backpacks, carrier bags, etc.); electronic devices which include but are not limited to beepers, pagers, radios, telephones or cellular (mobile) phones, handheld computers translators, stopwatches, watch alarms (including those with flashing lights or alarm sounds), personal data assistants (PDAs), and any other electronic or photographic devices; testing aids which include but are not limited to books, pamphlets, notes, dictionaries, thesauri or potential aids of any kind. In the event of a reported violation of any of the rules above, the test taker’s test score will be cancelled.

3. Test takers should be present in their exam halls 30 minutes before the exam starts.

4. As the Listening Comprehension / Listening and Note-Taking components will be administered first, nobody will be admitted to the exam hall after the 1st (morning) and 2nd (afternoon) sessions of the exam start. Latecomers will be admitted to their exam halls when the listening sections are completed and doors are opened.

5. Test takers must fully comply with the proctors' directions during the exam.

6. Disciplinary/legal action will be taken against those who attempt to impersonate the rightful test takers or who attempt to cheat, and the exam results of such candidates will be considered invalid.