2023-2024 Spring Term Course Withdrawal Procedures

Those students who would like to apply for withdrawal from a course should do so according to the calendar below:


Course withdrawal procedures (for students)

22 - 28 April 2024 (until 23.59)

Approvals of advisors

22 - 29 April 2024 (until 23.59)


Students need to contact their advisors before applying for course withdrawals.

Students who would like to withdraw from courses can do so by visiting https://student.metu.edu.tr, where they can find the link for the Course Withdrawal Application. If students change their minds and decide that they would like to withdraw from another course, they can do so as long as this is within the application period. Students are allowed to do so even when their course withdrawal application has been approved by their advisors. In such a case, the previous application will be canceled, and the student and the advisor will be notified by email. In this case, the latest status of the student’s withdrawal application will need to be approved. Therefore, students need to follow whether their application has been approved by their advisor or not using the program where they have submitted their applications (Course Withdrawal Application Program at https://student.metu.edu.tr).

Advisor approvals will be given using the program https://sis.metu.edu.tr/. When students apply for withdrawal from a course, both the students and the advisors will receive an email sent by the system. Advisors can evaluate the situation and decide to approve the application or if they think it is not appropriate, they can deny it. After the approval or the denial, the students will receive an email that informs them about the result.

Instructors who are teaching the courses students would like to withdraw from do not need to do anything related to the withdrawal application. The related procedures will be followed by the students and the advisors.

After the end of the time period given for withdrawal and advisor approval and after the process is approved by the Registrar’s Office, the courses that students will have withdrawn from will be indicated as (W) on the system, and an email will be sent to both the student and the instructor teaching the course. After all these steps are completed, the process for the related courses will also have been completed on ODTÜClass.

When approving withdrawal applications of 4th-year students, advisors should check those students’ graduation status and should give approval only if the student is not graduating at the end of this term. If the withdrawal application of a student who is graduating at the end of this term is approved, the student will not be able to graduate as there will be a withdrawal from a course that will have not been replaced in his/her transcript.

The rules related to the course withdrawals are stated in the regulation below: