1. 10% of the international students registered in graduate programs can apply for partial or full tuition waiver  provided that they are eligible according to the regulations. 


2. Students listed below are out of scope:

    a)    Those who are already on scholarship from any institution,

    b)    Those admitted to a Scientific Preparation Program,

    c)    Those who are given conditional admission,

    d)    Dual nationals, one of whose nationalities is Turkish or TRNC,

    e)    Those who have ceased to be a citizen of Turkey


3. Partial tuition waiver  is 50% exemption from the tuition required for the concerned semester; and full tuition waiver  is full exemption from tuition payments.


4. The main criterion for qualification for full or partial tuition waiver  is the student’s academic record.  Partial or full tuition waivers are offered for one academic year (two semesters).


5. During the evaluation process in determining  eligibility for partial or full tuition waiver  for new admissions,  the exam scores and other similar documents provided by the applicants at admission to university are taken as the basis. 


6. The status of the students granted full or partial tuition waiver  is re-evaluated at the end of the related academic year according to the provisions  mentioned in Article 7 below, and those who are successful continue eligibility for a tuition waiver in the following academic year.


7.  The provisions for eligibility for and maintenance of full or partial tuition waiver  for graduate students are indicated below:

     a)   The student must be in the normal period of education of the academic program,  

     b)    The student’s  CGPA must be at least 3.00 for eligibility for partial,  and at least 3.50 for eligibility for full tuition waiver ,

     c)   For students in the thesis phase, having gotten passing grades in thesis related courses.


8. At the end of each academic year, the following procedures are followed by the concerned graduate school administrative board:

     a)     The student eligibility quotas for full or partial tuition waiver are determined. 

    b)    The specified quotas are shared between the departments, taking into consideration the number of international students in the concerned graduate school.  If deemed necessary, quotas may be transferred between departments. 

     c)    Students who will be granted full or partial tuition waiver  are determined and their names are presented to the President’s Office. 

     d)    A University Administrative Board decision is taken about students who will be granted full or partial tuition waiver .

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