Dear Students,

As it is known, the studies related to the measures taken against coronavirus in our university are organized and updated by constantly monitoring the suggestions and directions of the Council of Higher Education (YÖK) and T.C. Ministry of Health, and by establishing continuous interaction with these institutions.

Within the scope of the explanations made by YÖK, the distance education process for the Spring Semester of 2019-2020 Academic Year started at Monday, March 23, 2020 at our University. Although the duration of this period is not clear yet as it can be determined on the basis of the course of the coronavirus epidemic and current developments in our country; according to the latest statements made by YÖK, it is stated that the Spring Semester we are in will be completed by distance education. We are continuing our studies meticulously to carry out this process without compromising the quality of education of our university and by evaluating all the details and systems together.

Due to the transition to distance education, it seems inevitably not possible to be able to carry out certain dates and related processes in the Academic Calendar. In this context, the Academic Calendar is arranged as follows.


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6 - 12 APRIL 2020

Course withdrawal applications (for students)

It has not changed. (1)

6 - 13 APRIL 2020

Course withdrawal approvals (for advisors)

It has not changed. (1)

8 APRIL 2020

METU English Proficiency Exam

It was announced and postponed.

24 APRIL 2020

Deadline for department chairs to enter into the SAIS the courses to be offered in the Spring Semester of the 2020-2021 Academic Year Fall Semester and submit detailed information to the Registrar’s Office

29 MAY 2020

27 APRIL - 1 JUNE 2020

Graduate program applications for the Fall Semester

27 APRIL - 31 AUGUST 2020

1 - 31 MAY 2020

Ph.D. qualification Exams

It has not changed. (2)

2 - 3 MAY 2020

IS 100 Exemption Examination

14 - 15 SEPTEMBER 2020

8 MAY 2020

Last day of classes for undergraduate and graduate programs (excluding thesis work and specialization field courses)

05 JUNE 2020 (3)

9 - 22 MAY 2020

Final examinations (undergraduate and graduate programs, the Higher Vocational School)

06-26 JUNE 2020 (3)

10 MAY 2020

Last Day of Classes in the Higher Vocational School

07 JUNE 2020 (3)

22 MAY 2020

Last Day of Classes in the Department of Basic English

05 JUNE 2020

2 JUNE 2020

Deadline for the submission of final grades (by 24:00)

07 JULY 2020 (3)

2 JUNE 2020

METU English Proficiency Exam

Announcements will be made depending on the upcoming time period.

3 JUNE 2020

The announcement of final grades

08 JULY 2020

3 - 10 JUNE 2020

Submission of the Spring Semester grade corrections by instructors (by 24:00)

08-14 JULY 2020

3 - 10 JUNE 2020

Deadline for the submission of Spring semester Incomplete (I) grades (by 24:00)

It will be announced later. (4)

3 - 11 JUNE 2020

Approval of the Spring Semester grade corrections by the Department Chairs (by 24:00)

08-16 JULY 2020

3 - 19 JUNE 2020

The resit exam applications for those who are in the semester of graduation

08-24 JULY 2020 (5)

8-9 JUNE 2020

Registration and Advisor Approvals for Summer School (higher vocational school programs, undergraduate, and graduate programs)

It will be announced later. (6)

8 JUNE 2020

Deadline for the Directorates of Graduate Schools to submit graduate program applications to the Chairs of Graduate Programs


19 JUNE 2020

Deadline for the Directorate of Graduate Schools to submit the results of their graduate program application evaluations to the Chairs of Graduate Programs


24 JUNE 2020

Deadline for the Directorate of Graduate Schools to announce the results of graduate program applications and submit these to the Registrar's Office


1-3 JULY 2020

Pre-registration of students newly admitted to graduate programs

17-19 SEPTEMBER 2020


(1) Withdrawal from the Course

The current date of withdrawal from courses will remain valid. However, it is considered that students may have a withdrawal request due to new practices in the distance education process. Therefore, a date will be given for course withdrawal in the beginning of the “Intensive Summer Academic Calendar for Spring Semester”, which can be planned after the pandemic.


(2) Ph.D. Qualification Exams (PQE)

They can be done in May provided that the criteria specified by YÖK and communicated to the institutes are met. If these criteria are not met, PQE processes can be postponed. Since the postponement date of these exams can be determined on the basis of the Coronavirus pandemic in our country and current developments, it has not become clear yet.


(3) Termination of Courses and Final Exams

Since the decision to move to distance education was taken one week after the decision to suspend education, and we received feedback on the fact that the first weeks of the distance learning process, which started on March 23, can be considered as weeks for many instructors to plan their classes according to the new system and put these plans into practice, it is aimed to stretch the dates of the classes on the calendar according to the needs of the instructor. On the basis of this planning, final exams will be started one month after the predetermined date and related processes (grading and announcement of grades, etc.) will be operated in this way. In addition, the final exam period will be held one week longer than the normal allocated time to prevent a system load due to distance learning applications. In this way, grading procedures of all courses completed by distance education at our university will be carried out within the same timeframe.


(4) Incomplete (I) Grades

For the courses whose applications in the course content are not possible to be completed with distance education opportunities, an extended “I” grade can be given in accordance with Faculty/Institute Board decisions. It is planned to propose a concentrated academic calendar after the Coronavirus pandemic, the duration of which is still uncertain, and to complete the courses and grading procedures within the scope of the related “Intensive Summer Month Academic Calendar for Spring Semester”. We would like to point out that at this point it is not possible for us to make any predictions about the start date, duration and intensity of the calendar in question as it will take shape according to the course of the Coronavirus pandemic.


(5) Resit Exams

For the students who are going to graduate at the end of the spring semester and who are entitled to take the resit exam within the scope of the directive, resit exam applications can be made online by the students; and the departments can view the applications online. The processes related to the exams will be carried out by the Department Administrations.


(6) Summer School

Whether the Summer School Semester carried out at our university can be held; in case it is held, under what conditions it can be done has not been clarified yet as these are issues related to the course of the pandemic.

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