(Senate decision  Dated September 1, 2014)


(1) These implementation principles apply to the Associate Degree and Undergraduate students indicated below:

a) Students who transfer from institutions of higher education outside METU
b)Students who register through the Student Selection and Placement Exam (ÖSYS) and other equivalent examinations


(2) The courses taken at the institutions of higher education previously registered in by students who enroll within this scope may be counted toward their new programs by recommendation of the concerned department chair and approval of the concerned administrative board.

(3) An adjustment process is performed for the courses that are counted toward a program.

(4) Courses counted toward a program are indicated on the transcript with an EX grade for the concerned semester. The course code, course tittle, credit, and letter grade are shown in the details section of the transcript. Credits and grades of the courses taken from METU previously are included in the CGPA.

(5) The academic standing (successful, unsuccessful, probation, etc.) and ranking of students are based on their semester and cumulative grade point averages calculated according to the courses taken at METU.

(6) To be eligible for graduation, the students must have a minimum 2.00 cumulative grade point average calculated through the grades and course credits they have earned in the program they are registered in at METU.

(7) Equivalent grades of the courses exempted through the EX grade are included in the CGPA after the student's graduation is assured in respect to student's CGPA from the courses taken from the registered program in question.

(a) The graduation cumulative grade point average is calculated taking into consideration the credits, credit coefficients, and grades earned from courses taken in the program registered at METU as well as those earned in the courses counted from the previous program.

(b) In calculating the graduation cumulative grade point average, the grading scheme approved by the METU Senate and in effect at the time of graduation (letter grade coefficients, score, status, etc.) as well as the ‘Grade Systems Conversion Table’ are used in converting the course grades counted from the previous program. (*)

(c) The graduation cumulative grade point average must be minimum 2.00.

(d) The graduation cumulative grade point average is indicated in the details section of the transcript.

(8) Excluding non-credit courses and the courses taken in NI status (extra-curricular), counting courses is not possible from a diploma program previously completed, or from diploma programs followed simultaneously in two different institutions of higher education.


(*) The change made through the Senate’s decision no. 2015/1-12 dated January 13, 2015.

Updated through the Senate's decision no. 2019/8 dated Febrary 17, 2019.

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