2018-2019 Academic Year Fall Semester Transfer Application According to the Implementation Principles of Regulation (Additional Article 2) about Transferring among Institutions of Higher Education Associate Degrees, Undergraduate, Major and Minor Programs, as well as Course Substitution through Transfer

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August 1-15, 2018 Application dates (Additional Article 2)


It comprises the transfer applications according to the implementation principles of regulation (additional article 2) about transferring among institutions of higher education associate degrees, undergraduate, major and minor programs, as well as course substitution through transfer.

Within this scope;

  • Turkish citizens studying in Russia (except medical specialty programs and dentistry specialty programs)
  • Turkish, Egyptian and Syrian citizens, as well as other international students studying in Syria and Egypt,
  • Turkish citizens studying in Yemen,
  • Turkish citizens studying in Libya,

will be able to apply for transfer.


  • Please click1 / click 2 for procedures and principles of Council of Higher Education

Please click for Middle East Technical University Directive for Student Transfers for Associate Degree and Undergraduate Programs


  • Application Form (This form can be obtained from the following link http://oidb.metu.edu.tr/en/forms )
  • Student Certificate
  • Transcript
  • Exam/Diploma including grade type, grade, ranking details etc.
  • Course contents of the program to which the applicant is currently registered
  • Copy of national identity card/passport
  • English Proficiency Document (Please read explanations under the English Proficiency Section)

The required documents should be submitted to the Registrar’s Office Application Unit by hand or postal service until the deadline. Applications with missing documents will not be taken into account and delays stemming from the postal services are on the applicant’s responsibility.


The medium of instruction in our university is English. It is mandatory to submit a valid English Proficiency document during the application. Please click for equivalency table and scores for English language exams accepted by University Senate.


Phase I: Pre-evaluation

Pre-evaluation is done to determine whether a student is eligible to apply or not, according to the related legislation. Applications of the candidates, fulfilling the requirements, are submitted to the related academic units. Applications of the candidates, which do not fulfill the requirements, are “rejected” during the application process.

Phase II: Evaluation and Results

Candidates who satisfied the application criteria are evaluated by the related academic units. The list of the candidates who get admission is announced on the following webpage: http://oidb.metu.edu.tr/tr/butun-duyurular

For the pre-evaluation or evaluation period, documents cannot be returned to those who are rejected.


The courses taken from the previous programs can be counted into the new program by the proposal of Department Chair and the decision of related Administrative Committee. These courses are not included in the Cumulative Grade Point Average, but they provide exemption.

The duration spent in the previous program is also considered for the calculation of maximum education time of the new program.


For the information on tuition fee payments please visit the link: http://oidb.metu.edu.tr/en/tuition-fee-payments

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