Students continuing Undergraduate and Graduate programs should make the interactive registration. 

It is strongly recommended that the students should check the courses completed and the courses taken via Student Portal number 61 “Student Semester Details” under the section of “curriculum”. In case of a problem, students should contact the program advisors from the Registrar’s Office.

For students who will enroll in the 2nd semester of the Master's with Thesis Program and the 3rd semester of the Doctorate Program; Before the interactive registration and advisor approval dates specified in the Academic Calendar, it is obligatory to appoint a thesis advisor via program no. 71 (thesis advisor appointment program) among the full-time faculty members of our University. These students are required to register for the "thesis and thesis work" courses of the assigned thesis advisor each semester, starting from the interactive registration and advisor approval process of the period in which the thesis advisor is appointed.

Students who take additional time (correction) by the thesis jury by defending the thesis at any stage of the graduate program have to renew their registrations during additional periods (correction periods). These students are required to register for the new semester by paying the tuition fee/tuition fee and getting the approval of the advisor.

For detailed information about interactive registrations, follow this link.

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Son Güncelleme:
01/02/2023 - 10:18