(Senate Decision  Dated July 16, 2013)


  1. Ten percent of the total number of international students registered in an undergraduate program may be eligible for a tuition discount or exemption within the scope of these implementation principles. Students receiving a scholarship from any institution, students who have registered within the scope of “admissions from abroad quota” and hold a dual citizenship one of which is TR or TRNC, and students who have repudiated their TR citizenship fall outside the scope of this practice.
  2. Tuition discount means exemption from 50% of the tuition of the concerned semester, whereas a tuition exemption is full exemption from the tuition of the concerned semester.
  3. The fundamental criterion in being eligible to a tuition discount or exemption is the academic success of the student, and such an exemption is valid for 1 academic year (2 semesters).
  4. Documents such as examination scores and the like presented at admission are taken into consideration in the evaluation of eligibility for tuition discount or exemption of students newly admitted to programs. Within this framework,

a)      the scholarship (tuition exemption/discount) of students who start their education at the School of Foreign Languages, Department of Basic English (DBE) and are successful at the end of their first academic year will continue the following year. The scholarship of those students who have to repeat the year or lose the right to continue the program is terminated.

b)      the status of students who start their education in the Freshman year of  the program they are admitted to is evaluated at the end of that academic year according to the provisions in article 5 below.

  1. For undergraduate students who are continuing in their programs, the following provisions will apply regarding eligibility for a tuition discount, a tuition  exemption and the continuation of their scholarship:

a)      being within the program’s normal duration of education,

b)   having a CPGA of 3.00 for a tuition discount, and 3.50 for a tuition exemption.

  1. At the end of each academic year, the Undergraduate Education Commission of the University comprising the Advisor to the President responsible for student affairs and the Associate Deans

a)      determines the tuition discount /exemption quota for students,

b)      allocates the quotas to the faculties taking into consideration the total number of international students in each academic unit and transfers quotas between units if deemed necessary,

c)      specifies the students who are eligible for a tuition discount or exemption and presents the list to the University Administrative Board so that a Board decision is taken.

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