Dear Students,


According to the unanimous decision taken at the Senate meeting held on Thursday, September 2, 2021, face-to-face education for the Fall Semester of 2021-2022 Academic Year will begin at our university on Monday, October 18, 2021, except for the Preparatory School. Depending on the course of the Pandemic, face-to-face education will begin at the Preparatory School in the Spring Semester of 2021-2022 Academic Year.


You can see the preliminary announcements regarding the procedures for the Fall Semester of 2021-2022 Academic Year below:


Academic Procedures:

1. Due to the high number of students in the School of Foreign Languages (SFL), the student capacity of the Preparatory School buildings being not convenient for face-to-face education during the Pandemic, and the fact that no alternative classrooms can be found for the classes carried out by the SFL, all courses and student evaluation processes conducted by the SFL will be entirely carried out by distance education methods in the Fall Semester of 2021-2022 Academic Year. If the conditions are suitable according to the course of the Pandemic, face-to-face education will start in the Spring Semester.

2. The regulations of our university regarding the face-to-face and distance education courses, the conditions and qualifications of the programs will be followed by the Faculties, Graduate Schools and the administrative boards of the departments, and they will make the necessary arrangements in line with the decisions to be taken by our university depending on the course of the Pandemic.

3. Due to the conditions made necessary by the Pandemic, each course will last 40 minutes, which will be followed by a 20-minute-long break time.

4. The classes as well as evaluation and assessment processes of the noncompulsory and noncredit courses listed below that all students in our university must take will be carried out entirely by distance education:

6420101 Turkish-I

6420105 Turkish-I

6420201 Elementary Turkish-I

6420202 Elementary Turkish-II

6420303 Turkish-I

2402201 Principles of Kemal Atatürk-I

2402202 Principles of Kemal Atatürk-II

2402205 History of the Turkish Revolution-I

2402206 History of the Turkish Revolution-II

9010100 Introduction to Information Technologies and Applications

8770101 Occupational Health and Safety-I

8770301 Occupational Health and Safety-II

5. Departments can offer up to 40% of the total number of their departmental undergraduate and graduate credit courses (each to be calculated separately) via distance education.

6. In addition to midterms and final exams, other methods of student assessment and evaluation such as quizzes, homework assignments and project assignments can be conducted remotely like they were during the distance education period.

7. Situations that usually require physical interaction such as student registrations, advisor approvals, student-advisor meetings and office hours can be conducted online.

8. Meetings of all the committees and boards operating in Departments, Faculties, Schools, and Graduate Schools as well as University Administrative Board and Senate Meetings, and other meetings that require gathering jury members etc. can be held online when necessary.

9. It is compulsory to wear face masks in the classrooms and all the other indoor places. Those who do not want to fulfill this requirement will not be admitted to the classes and other related places. Executives of the relevant academic and administrative units will be responsible for monitoring and implementation of this rule.


Administrative Procedures:

1. In order to attend the face-to-face classes and enter common places such as studying areas, all students and personnel must complete their vaccination processes as specified on e-Nabız. Students and personnel who have not yet completed their vaccinations are required to submit a negative PCR test taken no more than 3 days ago, including the day of submission.

2. The students who will be allowed to stay in the dormitories must complete their vaccination processes as specified on e-Nabız.


We wish all our students a healthy and successful academic year, and we welcome you all to our university having taken all your necessary health precautions.



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