Student Certificate

  • Student Certificate is prepared by the Registrar’s Office.
  • Student Certificate not including any special explanation is prepared on demand and submitted. No need to fill out a form.
  • For a Student Certificate including an explanation about the scholarship, discipline, tuition fee payment, grading system, English Proficiency Exam result, etc. Document Request Form must be filled out. The form can be taken from Registrar’s Office student desks or from The form may be submitted to the Registrar’s Office directly, by fax, or to “” e-mail address. The certificate will be ready one day later.
  • The prepared document is delivered to the student himself upon declaration of Student ID Card.
  • Related Registrar’s Office student desks:

    Students of Department of Basic English: Registrar’s Office/ Entrance Floor/ Department of Basic English Desk

    Students of an associate degree or undergraduate programs: Registrar’s Office/ Entrance Floor/ Undergraduate student desk

    Graduate Students: Registrar’s Office/ First Floor/ Graduate student desk


Document Request From: FORM

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