ARTICLE 1- (1) The aim of this directive is to regulate the principles concerning the resit examinations given to last-semester students enrolled in the associate and undergraduate degree programs at the Middle East Technical University.



ARTICLE 2- (1) This directive incorporates the provisions concerning the resit examinations given to last-semester students enrolled in the associate and undergraduate degree programs at Middle East Technical University.

(2) A student counts as a last-semester student if s/he passes all the courses s/he has taken in the semester s/he is registered, if s/he passes all courses located in departmental curriculum and meets all the conditions necessary to receive an associate/undergraduate diploma.


Provisions concerning resit exams

ARTICLE 3- (1) Last-semester students whose end of semester letter grades are (FF) or ( FD) for maximum two credit courses which are added to the GPA in the last two semesters and/or (U) for maximum one non-credit course, or last-semester students whose cumulative GPAs are below 2.00 although they have not received (FF) or (FD) letter grades are given the right to take a resit exam in their last semester for maximum two courses for which they received (DD), (DC) or (CC) that semester to be used until the interactive registrations for the subsequent semester.    

(2) Resit exams are administered for courses with final exams.    

(3) Resit exams are not administered in courses where the end of semester letter grades evaluations are based on student work done throughout the semester (e.g. design and studio courses, courses with laboratory work, practical training, term projects, thesis work and courses related to thesis). Courses within this context are specified by the concerned department/graduate school department. The Registrar’s Office is informed of such courses and announces them.    

(4) Students who have taken the final examination and received an FF, FD, or U grade for, or who have the right to take the final examination but did not take it can take the resit examination.

(5) Resit exams are not administered for the letter grade NA. Provisions concerning course attendance, the effect of course attendance on the end-of-semester letter grade, eligibility for the final exam and the provisions concerning the letter grade NA are announced to students both verbally and in writing (in the course syllabus, on METU-online, etc.) by the course instructors at the beginning of classes in the relevant semester.

(6)  Make-up examinations are not given to students who did not take the resit examinations.


Application for Resit Examination

ARTICLE 4- (1) Students who are eligible for a resit examination must apply to the Registrar’ Office within a week after the course letter grades are announced.  After investigation of the student’s situation, the registrar informs the student and the relevant course instructors about the courses for which resit examinations will be given.


The resit exam grade

ARTICLE 5- (1) Resit exam grades count as-end-of semester (final) grades.

(2) The student’s letter grade after the resit exam is determined by considering his/her performance throughout the semester and in the mid-term exams, his/her attendance to classes and applied work as indicated in the course syllabus/outline, and the grade he received in the resit exam. 



ARTICLE 6 – This directive approved by the Middle East Technical University Senate on 09.05.2017 will take effect as of Semester II of the 2016-2017 Academic Year.



ARTICLE 7 – (1) This directive is implemented by the President of the Middle East Technical University.

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