Building the classroom is placed


Computer Center Building


Department of Aerospace Engineering Building

AE024, AE025, AE026, AE027, AE122, AE124, AE125, AE126, AE128

Department of Basic English Building

A Block: BEngA001, BEngA002, BEngA003, BEngA004, BEngA005, BEngA006, BEngA101, BEngA102, BEngA103, BEngA104, BEngA105, BEngA106, BEngA202, BEngA203, BEngA204, BEngA205, BEngA206, BEngA301, BEngA302, BEngA303, BEngA304, BEngA305, BEngA306
B Block: BEngB001, BEngB002, BEngB003, BEngB004, BEngB005, BEngB006, BEngB101, BEngB102, BEngB103, BEngB104, BEngB105, BEngB106, BEngB201, BEngB202, BEngB203, BEngB204, BEngB205, BEngB206
E Block: HZ1, HZ2, BEngE001, BEngE002, BEngE003, BEngE004, BEngE005, BEngE006, BEngE007, BEngE008, BEngE101, BEngE102, BEngE103, BEngE104, BEngE105, BEngE106, BEngE107, BEngE108, BEngE201, BEngE202, BEngE203, BEngE204, BEngE205, BEngE206, BEngE207, BEngE208, BEngE301, BEngE302, BEngE303, BEngE304, BEngE305, BEngE306, BEngE307, BEngE308, BEngEAU1, BEngEAU2
F Block: BEngF001, BEngF002, BEngF003, BEngF004, BEngF005, BEngF006, BEngF007, BEngF008, BEngF009, BEngF010, BEngF011, BEngF012, BEngF101, BEngF102, BEngF103, BEngF104, BEngF105, BEngF106, BEngF107, BEngF108, BEngF109, BEngF110, BEngF111, BEngF112
G Block: BEngG001, BEngG002, BEngG003, BEngG004, BEngG005, BEngG006, BEngG007, BEngG008, BEngG009, BEngG010, BEngG011, BEngG012, BEngG101, BEngG102, BEngG103, BEngG104, BEngG105, BEngG106, BEngG107, BEngG108, BEngG109, BEngG110, BEngG111, BEngG112, BEngLAB01, BEngNB001, BEngNB002

Department of Biology Building

BIOZ03, BIOZ04, BIOZ05, BIOZ06, BIOZ07, BIO104, BIO208 BIO213, BIOLBZ08, BIOLB103, BIOLB107

Department of Chemical Engineering Building

Z14, Z15A, Z15B, Z16, Z17, Z116, Z117, Z118, Z119,Z120, Z121

Department of Chemistry Building

AKLB104, FKLB31, GKLB32, İKLB32, K.AUD, K05, K06, K07, K08, K09, K11, K12, K15, OKLB37, PSTLAB44, STATLB

Department of Civil Engineering Building

CELAB01, CELAB02, CES1, CES2, CES3, DR1, DR2, DR143, K2LB106, K2LB107, K3LB101, K3LB102, K4LBWRL, K5LBCHL, TH1, TH2, TH3, TH4, TH5, TH6, TH7, TH8, TL

Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technology


Department of Computer Engineering Building


Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Building

A Block: EA201, EA202, EA206, EA207, EA208, EA209, EA211, EA306, EA307, EA310, EA312
D Block: D131, D134, D135

Department of Environmental Engineering Building

CZ01, CZ14, CZ17, CZ30, CZ36

Department of Food Engineering Building


Department of Geological Engineering Building

GR125, GR126, GR218, GR219, GR220, GR224, GR236, GR301, GR302, GR303

Department of Industrial Engineering Building

IE03,  IE04, IE102, IE103, IE104, IE105, IE106, IE227, IE301, IE306, IELAB01, IELAB02

Department of Mathematics Building

M04, M05, M06, M07, M08, M13, M102, M103, M104, M105, M106

Department of Mechanical Engineering Building

B Block: MEB101, MEB102, MEB103, MEB202, MEB203, MEB204, MEB206, MEB207, MELAB01, MELAB02
D Block: MED101, MED107, MED109, MED111, MED113
G Block: MEG101, MEG102, MEG103, MEG108, MEG201, MEG202, MEG203

Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Building

B Block: MTB108, MTB208, MTB308, MTB309
C Block: MTC.AUD
E Block: MT.AUDE,  MTE04,  MTE110, MTE308, MTE339

Department of Mining Engineering Building

MN.AUD, MN102, MN103, MN104, MN105, MN113, MN123

Department of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Building

PT11, PT12, PT13, PT34, PT35, PT36

Department of Physics Building

U-Auditorium : U1, U2, U3
C.ERG.SEM., P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6, P7, P250, P350, P421, P422, P436, S208, S209, LAB1, LAB2, LAB3, LAB4, LAB16, LAB17, LAB21, LAB22, LAB26, LAB31, LAB32, E.İNÖNÜ SL.

Department of Turkish Language Building


Faculty of Architecture Building

4Y10, R22, R26, R28, R35, R43, R44, R45, R46, R47, R48, R49, R84, R89, R90A, R90B, R426, RM4344, MİMAtölye, MimBilLab,  ST1, ST2, ST3, ST4, ST1A, ST2A, ST3A, ST4A, ST1C, ST2C, ST3C, ST4C, ST27, ST32, ST33, ST34, UTEST, UPL209, WSAtölye

Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences - A (Old) Building

A200, F.AUD, F14, F15, F16, F17, F19, F104, F106, F108, F109, FZ08, FZ09, FZ14, FZ15, FZ16, FZ17, FZ19, G169

Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences - B (New) Building

G101, G102, G104, G106, G107, G108, G109, G110, G111, G166, G167, G168, G201, G202, G204, G206, G207, G208, G209, G266, G268

Faculty of Education Building

EFA01, EFA10, EFA11, EFA12, EFA12A,  EFA13, EFA14, EFA15, EFA16, EFA19, EFA20, EFA22, EFA24, EFA25, EFA26, EFA27, EFA28, EFA30, EFA32, EFA33, EFA34, EFA35, EFA38, EFA300, EFLAB, SEMINER406

Faculty of Engineering Building (MM Building)

MM125, MM308, MM309, MM315, MM316A, MM321, MM412, MM451

Human Sciences Building

B04, B05, B06, B07, B08, B14, B102, B103, B104, B114, B202, B205A, B205B, B206, Z39, Z22

Department of Foreign Language Education Building

EFB18, EFB18A, EFB19, EFB19A, EFB21, EFB22, EFB23, EFB25

Informatics Institute Building 

ENF.LAB., II01, II02, II03, II04, II05, II06