Without making concessions from our values, as the Registrar’s Office we shall;

  • gradually expand the services we offer to our students,
  • speed our services by raising the usage rate of electronic resources to its peak,
  • continuously improve the quality of the services we offer through periodical self-assessment,
  • enhance collaboration and solidarity with the entirety of our stakeholders,
  • offer unbiased services based on our principle that each student is special, 
  • always treat our students with kindness, empathy, and commitment,
  • put all the necessary effort into the adequacy of our staff in terms of both quality and quantity. 
  • enable the allocation of necessary resources to render our work environment and service areas safe, secure and adequate.
  • develop incessantly via our operation and management system, which we have succeeded in institutionalizing

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Son Güncelleme:
14/06/2021 - 14:22