1 - Fill the Payback Application 409 Form on computer that is to be accessed from, and sign it

2 - Original bank receipt

For payment refund, you should complete the documents stated above and apply for tuition refund by sending them to the Tuition Fee Office by email ( till the date stated in the academic calendar.


Payment refund applications for tuition fee payments, tuition fee payments for summer school, application fee payments for EPE, and the payments that are made for documents and services of the Registrar’s Office, of the international students/applicants are the same as the instructions above. The process of the payment refund for international students/applicants can be made in two ways because of the challenges arising from not having their own personal bank account in one of the Turkish banks.

1.If the student has a Turkish bank account in his/her name, by completing the instructions above, he/she can forward his/her payment refund request to the e-mail address mentioned above on payback refund dates that are given in the academic calendar.

2. If the student does not have a Turkish bank account in his/her name, he/she can request that a payment refund be deposited to another Turkish account that does not belong to him/her. In this case, by applying to the Turkish consulates and embassies in their country or notaries in Türkiye, our international students/applicants can have a notarized document that has been approved, so that, their payback can be deposited to the Turkish bank account they request. After having the notarized document, along with the payment receipt requested and the payment refund form, it can be sent to the via e-mail.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Unless the payment refund can be made in any of these two ways, it cannot be made to another bank account that is not a Turkish bank account and the amount which cannot be refunded cannot be transferred to another payment of the student or cannot be used for any other operation (For example, if the refund of tuition fee for summer school cannot be made, the student cannot transfer this money to his/her next tuition fee payment or next tuition fee payment for summer school.) In that case, the amount that is remaining and the right of requesting a refund from the students are reserved. The student/applicant can request a payback by applying at the earliest payback refund duration stated in the academic calendar when they have a Turkish bank account in their name or when they have a notarized document for the payment can be made to a Turkish bank account belonging to another person.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE 2: Via notarized document, the application for a payback refund to a Turkish bank account that does not belong to the student himself/herself is only for international students. Turkish students cannot benefit from it.


Refund due to course status (not offered/closed)

The tuition paid for courses that are not opened or closed due to a low number of registered students is refunded on the condition that the student applies before the "Tuition refund application deadline" announced by the university.

Refunds of students who withdraw on their own will

There is no tuition refund for the students who withdraw the registration of their own will.

Refund of special students

The tuition paid by special students, in case of cancellation of registration or withdrawal from a course, is totally refunded on the condition that the student applies within the first two weeks of the semester, and half refunded on the condition of an application before the "Tuition refund application deadline".


The payment Refund Form that is to be achieved from the "Forms" section should be filled out and submitted to the relevant office.