January 31-February 9, 2024

University Registrations and Document Submission (Online) - The program will open at 08:30 a.m.

February 14-16, 2024

Interactive Course Registration & Advisor Approvals

February 26 - March 1 2024

Add-Drop & Advisor Approvals



Please make sure to read all information on this web page in detail to get all necessary and crucial information for a smooth registration process.

Registration of newly admitted students will be completely online and in line with the information provided below. Students are not expected to come to the International Students Office about any issue with the registration process outlined below.

Registration will be completed by the student individually via the "Application for Admission to Graduate Programs at METU" program available at . Once you log in to the program, you will proceed via the "Document Submission for Registration" link.

To ensure that you have a smooth and neat registration process, it is highly advised to keep and preserve the required documents and information provided below on your computer in an uploadable form before the registration period begins.

*METU graduates should withdraw from their previous program before coming for registration. Please visit the web page "Registration Cancellation" to get detailed information. Students must cancel their registration from their current programs to be able to register for newly accepted programs. Without the registration cancellation, the students' registration cannot start, and documents cannot be submitted.

**Please visit the web page of "Tuition Fee Amounts" before making your tuition fee payment. (Tuition fee payment dates: February 1-16, 2024)



  • International Graduate Students' Registration Form: The form is expected to be downloaded by the student and filled, including the student's signature. It can be downloaded HERE. If you are not a METU graduate, please leave the "student number" field blank. You will learn your student number once your registration is completed. Those who do not have a residence permit in Turkey yet coluld leave the "TC/Foreign ID no" field blank.
  • ALES / GRE Score Sheet: The score sheets are valid for five years from the exact date they are announced. Students who used to be registered in one of the graduate programs of METU and then either canceled the registration on their own will or were dismissed from the program are not asked to provide a new ALES / GRE score only if they have not been registered to graduate programs of METU for one academic year at max. (If you are a conditionally accepted student, then please upload a copy of the related email that you received from the Graduate School instead of the ALES/GRE score sheet).
  • English Proficiency Score (METU EPE / IELTS / TOEFL / PTE Academic): The English Proficiency scores are valid for two years from the exact date the scores are announced. (see here for details:…)
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: To complete the registration, the English Proficiency Score and GRE scores must be verified by METU. To do so, it is expected from the students to provide their institutional account's username/password (TOEFL ETS, IELTS British Council, etc.) so that the International Student Advisor may access and verify the authenticity of the score. Once the student is informed that the registration is completed, the password may safely be changed. Students who do not wish to share their usernames and password with METU for verification purposes must contact the relevant unit via regarding their status and alternative means of proving the authenticity. Students who do not want to provide their username/password information should contact us for alternative verification methods. Otherwise, they will not be able to complete their registration.
  • Diploma/Transitory Graduation Certificates for the previous degrees and their translation to Turkish or English: Please ensure that both the original document and its English or Turkish translation are uploaded during the registration.
  • One photo
  • Identity page of your passport
  • Residence Permit Card: Required only if the student has a residence permit card before the registration to METU.


Recognition of the Previous University by the Higher Education Council of Turkey

International students do not need to apply for the recognition letter personally. As ODTÜ, we will contact the Higher Education Council of Turkey regarding the recognition of your previous university degrees. However, if you have already got this letter, you may bring it to the registration. Only in case of a negative response from the HEC, you will need to visit HEC personally to get the letter.



The following students must cancel their registration from their currently registered programs to register for their newly accepted programs. Without the registration cancellation, the students' registration will not be permitted, and document submissions will not be accepted.

  • Students who have applied and got accepted to a new graduate program while they are still registered to a graduate program
  • Students who graduated from their M.S. program and newly accepted to a Ph.D. program




International Students Office

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