Applications for the English Proficiency Exam will be made online through the address ENGLISH PROFICIENCY EXAM APPLICATIONS. METU students will enter the system with their existing usernames and passwords. The program will assign a user name and password to those from outside METU and METU graduates.

The candidate will enter the required information to the applications program, and upon completion of the application.

The photograph must be of biometric features (5x6 cm, minimum 5x5 cm, absolutely frontal, without sunglasses, on a monochrome white background).

The list of the candidates who are eligible to take the exam and their exam places will be announced one day prior to the exam at the School of Foreign Languages web address

In order for the candidates to take the exam, it is mandatory that they present their Republic of Turkey citizenship card or passport.

Photograph Specifications

  1. The photograph should be 50 mm x60 mm in size, in white background, and without a pattern.
  2. Files must be less than 3 MB and png/ jpg/ jpeg/ gif formats are allowed for upload.
  3. In the photo, you should have a neutral expression with closed mouth and be facing the camera.
  4. Eyes should be opened and clearly seen. Your hair should not cover your eyes and you should directly look at the camera.
  5. You should center the head with the frame.
  6. Accessories (like hat) are not allowed except glasses used not as accessorize.

The approvals of applications are made by the Applications Unit of Registrar’s Office. The candidates should follow the approval/rejection status of their applications through the system. Those who have not completed their application by the deadline will not be taken into consideration.

Application Fee: 150 TL

Payback applications can only be made before the deadline of application. Application fees will not be refunded after the deadline.

Important Note: The application fee must be paid in the name of the person who will take the exam.

Bank account numbers can be seen in the following link: