• Detailed information about the student ID numbers, document submission, student ID cards, student passwords, academic advisors, interactive registration, advisor’s approval, and re-registration are specified under the section "REGISTRATION FOR THE STUDENTS WHO HAVE BEEN NEWLY ACCEPTED FOR THE GRADUATE PROGRAMS".
  • Tuition fee payments for the evening programs are made per taken "CREDITS". The courses without credits (except Graduate Seminar, Term Project, Special/ Advanced Studies) are considered as 2 credit courses.
  • Students (who are attending a program and who are newly registered) make the payment for the course fee, determined by the program to which course belongs, to the related bank account.
  • Evening program students can only take NI (Not Included) status courses from the regular undergraduate programs. In this case, these students make the payment for the related course according to the evening program they are registered to.
  • When paying tuition, students should state their ID numbers and have their ID numbers printed on the receipt. Original receipt and its one copy are submitted by the student to the related secretariat of the program. These receipts (bank account numbers and disbursement) are controlled by this secretariat.
  • In case of a demand about tuition fee refund, justification must be approved by the relevant program coordinator. Detailed information can be found under ‘Tuition Fee Payments’ section.
  • Students (who are attending a program and who are newly registered) should submit the forms stating their preferences for must and elective courses to their advisors.

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Son Güncelleme:
14/06/2021 - 14:50