Senate Decision - 26th of April, 2022

  1. Ten percent of the total number of international students (those students who registered through international students quotas) registered in undergraduate programs can receive a tuition discount or exemption within the scope of these implementation principles. Students whose tuition fees are covered by other institutions and students who are registered in the international joint degree programs are outside the scope of the tuition fee discounts/exemptions.
  2. A tuition fee discount refers to an exemption from the fifty percent of the tuition fee of the relevant semester, whereas a tuition fee exemption refers to a full exemption from the tuition fee of the relevant semester.
  3. The fundamental criterion in the distribution of tuition fee discounts/exemptions is the academic success of the student. Tuition fee discounts/exemptions are valid for one academic year (two semesters).
  4. For the students who are newly admitted to their programs, documents such as exams and diplomas submitted during the application are taken into consideration in the evaluation for tuition fee discounts/exemptions. Regarding the newly-admitted students who are given tuition fee discounts/exemptions,
    1. Tuition fee discounts/exemptions for students who start their education at the School of Foreign Languages, Department of Basic English (DBE), and who are successful at the end of their first academic year will continue automatically for the following academic year. The tuition fee discounts/exemptions of students who have to repeat the DBE year or lose the right to continue the program are canceled.
    2. Tuition fee discounts/exemptions of students who start their education directly in the first year of the program they are admitted to are subject to reevaluation at the end of that academic year in line with provisions in Article 5.
  5. For those undergraduate students who are continuing in their programs, the following provisions will apply regarding eligibility to be evaluated for a tuition fee discount/exemption:
    1. Being within the program’s normal duration of education,
    2. At the end of the spring semester, having a CGPA of 3.00 for a tuition fee discount, and 3.50 for a tuition fee exemption.
  6. At the end of each academic year, the following procedures are implemented for the next academic year:
    1. Tuition fee discount/exemption quotas are calculated and defined,
    2. The total university quota is distributed among the faculties taking into consideration the total number of international students in each faculty. If necessary, quotas are transferred from one faculty to another.
    3. Tuition fee discounts/exemptions are distributed among the eligible students in line with the specified quotas and the list of the students is presented to the University Administrative Board for the official board decision to be taken.


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Son Güncelleme:
18/01/2024 - 09:43