Resit exams in our University shall apply to the students that fall under the scope of "Resit Exam Directives for Associate and Undergraduate Students Registered in the Final semester".

In addition, students can register for courses under “Summer School Directives” during the summer school.

The conditions for the courses to be taken from the higher education institutions other than METU in the Summer School at the same time while studying at METU and the principles regarding the program equivalence of these courses are given below.

  • If the course to be taken is opened in summer school in METU, it is a priority that students take the course from METU. If the relevant course is not opened in METU in summer school and the student does not have any right to take resit exam for that course, the course can be taken from institutions other than METU.
  • The relevant program of the university where the course will be taken must accept students with a base point higher than the program where the student is enrolled (base point is taken into consideration for scholarship students in foundation higher education institutions).
  • Students shall apply to the Department together with the documents that show the content of the course they want to take such as catalog information, course sheet, etc. and with a petition that indicates the reasons.
  • The equivalence of the course and the acceptance conditions must be approved prior to application to the relevant university upon the recommendation of the department and the relevant decision of the executive board.
  • In case of taking courses from another institution other than METU in summer school, maximum two courses can be taken from both institutions in summer school.
  • During the same summer school period, it is not possible to take one course from Ankara campus and another course from Northern Cyprus Campus.

The fact that the course is not opened in summer school and cannot be taken from another institution shall not impose an obligation to grant a right to a resit exam for the course.


                                                                                                                                                                          December 27, 2017      


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