* Applications will be considered in the framework of Additional Article-2.


* To qualify for application within this scope, it is compulsory to be a Turkish national registered at a higher education institution abroad for 2019-2020 academic year or before.


* Transfers to the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and to the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences will be based upon the national undergraduate transfer quotas. These are Inter-Institutional General Transfer Quotas, determined by the Higher Education Council.


* The quotas for the Faculty of Education, the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Architecture will only be half of the national transfer quotas. However, in the case of applications for undergraduate transfer from universities ranked among the first 1000 universities by the ranking institutions determined by the Higher Education Council (Academic Ranking of World University, QS World University Rankings, Times Higher Education World University Rankings), it will be possible to admit as many students as specified in the Inter- Institutional General Transfer Quotas.


* The Inter-Institutional General Transfer Quotas for 2020-2021 Fall Semester announced by the Higher Education Council and are available on the website of the Registrar’s Office.


* Different from the other undergraduate transfer types, this application type will allow the student admission to the first and fourth year of study. The students who have completed their Preparatory year can be admitted as a freshman student.


* The students with a successful application will not be required to have a CGPA of 60 out of 100, or 2.50 out of 4.


* The students may be admitted to their current or lower classes.


* No students will be admitted to the English Preparatory class.


* Students who have failed in the English Preparatory class will not be eligible for application.


* The undergraduate transfer quotas for international students applying from universities abroad are different from this application type and will apply separately as implemented in the previous years.




Applications will be accepted between 9-30 July 2020.




* Application form (Click here for the application form)

* Copy of Turkish national identity card

* Student certificate

* Transcript

* The content of the courses in the transcript

* English proficiency exam score


The candidates planning to apply within this framework may take the online English Proficiency Exam to be administered by the School of Foreign Languages on 14 July 2020. Students need to apply for the exam between 24 June-8 July 2020. More information regarding the application process is available at http://oidb.metu.edu.tr/en/application-process.


The table of alternative English exam results and scores accepted by the University Senate is available on the following web page: 



* Applicants are required to submit at least one of the following documents for the year of their admission to the higher education institution:


- OSYS / YKS score if those exams were taken in Turkey

- An internationally-recognized exam score (SAT, Abitur, etc.)

- The document submitted upon admission to the university abroad

- A document indicating the university enrolled is ranked among the first 1000 universities




The required application documents can be sent by email to yataygecis@metu.edu.tr or submitted to the Registrar’s Office in person.




The Registrar’s Office will not conduct any examination of the submitted documents regarding transcripts and courses, except for checking to make sure all required documents are complete. Applications of the candidates fulfilling the requirements will be submitted to the related faculties.




Applications submitted to the faculties by the Registrar’s Office will be evaluated within the quotas stated above and the accepted students will be determined, for whom the adaptation forms will be created. The admission decisions and adaptation forms will be submitted to the Registrar’s Office.




The transfer requests by the graduate students will be evaluated by the related Graduate School.

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