Registration Dates and Hours


Interactive Registrations and Advisor Approvals (*)

Students who do not register between these dates or who register but don't take approval of their advisors cannot register in the add-drop period (except students who are in first semester in their programs and who are in adaptation situation).

September 26- 28, 2018 (until 17:00 on 28th of September)


Add Drop, Late Registrations and Advisor Approvals (*) 

Students who register between interactive registrations and advisors approval dates and make add/drop or group changes must absolutely take approval of their advisors.


Students, who register between these dates and take approval of their advisors, do not need to re-enter the registration program during the Add-Drop period if they do not want to make any changes in their registration. 


October 8 - 12, 2018 (until 17:00 on 12th of October)


(*) Advisor approvals starts at 10.00 am on the the first day of interactive registration.