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2016-2017 Fall Semester Transfer Applications

Application Unit: Registrar’s Office

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June 28 - July 14, 2017

Transfer Applications

September 11 - 15, 2017

Document submission

September 27 - 29, 2017

Registration for admitted students via transfer application


Please click here to see accepted students for transfer. 


Transfer can be made according to "The Regulation for Student Transfer Between Associate Degree and Bachelor’s Degree Programs, Double Major and Minor Programs and Course Credit Transfers Between Institutions of Higher Education Council" and "Middle East Technical University Directive for Student Transfers For Associate and Bachelor’s Degree Programs".


Transfers are made between the Associate and Bachelor’s degree programs at ODTÜ and other institutions of higher education whose equivalency is recognized by the Higher Education Council.  


Quota types, requirements for application based on the quota types, conditions for OSYS and equivalent examinations are defined in the Middle East Technical University Directive of Transfer in below mentioned link.



The courses enrolled in the summer school and their grades are not taken into consideration in the following Fall Semester transfer applications.



Students who are applying out of ODTÜ have to certify their English Proficiency level during the application (including those who are coming from English-taught program).


Candidates may submit a valid ODTÜ EPE result or any exam result accepted by the University Senate.


If the candidates, who are studying in preparatory class or in the first year of their programs, are making their applications with their Central Placement Score through the transfer quotas, then they can be accepted to the Basic English Department Preparatory Class in case of inability to certify their English proficiency level. 


Those who are about to make an application for 2017-2018 academic year fall semester are expected to enter the English Proficiency exam which will be held on June 12, 2017. 



Applications are made online.


Candidates should fill the transfer application form placed on the link below:


Candidates should mark their preferences among the listed programs (order of the preferences should be considered). Maximum 5 programs can be selected.


In order to be evaluated, required documents should be submitted to the Registrar’s Office by hand or postal service until the deadline. Applications with missing documents cannot be taken into account and delays stemming from the postal services are on the applicant’s responsibility.


Contact address: Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi, Öğrenci İşleri Daire Başkanlığı / Başvuru Birimi
Üniversiteler Mahallesi, 
Dumlupınar Bulvarı No:1
06800 Çankaya Ankara/TÜRKİYE




The following documents are required to be copied in the number of applications.

ODTÜ Students

ODTÜ students (except who apply for Faculty of Architecture) do not submit any document (transcript etc.) to the Registrar’s Office.


Students from Other Universities 

  • Transcript: Transcript indicating all the courses followed their grades and Cumulative Grade Point Average from the current institution of student.


  • ÖSYS or equivalent exam result: Exam results submitted to the current universities by the applicants while applying to that university (for TC/KKTC applicants who studied abroad, criteria written in the abovementioned Directive is valid). These exam results are considered as equivalent and the list of which can be found on the following link:


  • Copy of the university catalog: Certified copies of the related pages of the university catalog including information about curriculum, course content, departmental information of the applicants’ program and completed semesters.

  • Copy of national Id card/ passport copy

  • English Proficiency Exam: It is a must to submit a valid English exam result during the application. For detailed information, check the link below.


  • Application fee: Only candidates who are studying abroad will pay the application fee.  Bank accounts for application fee are below;


Students applying for Faculty of Architecture from ODTÜ and outside of ODTÜ

Students who are planning to apply Department of Architecture should submit below mentioned documents;

  • An official document showing the candidate’s rank in the class and the class size for the last semester
  • Detailed CV (including education and out of education activities)
  • Letter of intention including their purpose to be in the Department of Architecture
  • Portfolio including design and/or interests of candidate (picture, photo, graphic, music etc.)


Students who apply to City and Regional Planning Department should submit a portfolio including Planning Studies. 


Students who apply to Industrial Design Department should submit below mentioned documents;

  • An official document showing the candidate’s rank in the class and the class size for the last semester
  • Students who are applying from the International Special Student Quota should submit a portfolio about their designs maximum 20 pages to A4 size paper.




Phase I.: Pre-evaluation

Depending on the application procedures stated in the related regulation, the applicants are evaluated. Applications of the candidates, fulfilling the requirements, are submitted to the related academic units. Applications of the candidates, which do not fulfill the requirements, are “rejected” during the application process.

After the pre-evaluation, ODTÜ students who are not accepted due to not satisfying application requirements are informed via email. Students outside of ODTÜ can get information from the following webpage:

Phase II.: Evaluation

Candidates who satisfied the application criteria and whose application evaluated affirmative by the related academic unites are announced on the following webpage:


After the pre-evaluation and evaluation period, neither documents nor application fee can be given back to candidates.


Within ODTÜ transfers, the courses and their grades taken from previous programs are included in the Cumulative Grade Point Average (except for the courses irrelevant to transferred program) and the transcript of the transferred program. Adaptation process is done for the courses with different codes.

For the between institutions transfer applications, the courses taken from previous programs can be counted into the new program by the proposal of Department Chair and the decision of related Administrative Committee. These courses are not included in the Cumulative Grade Point Average but they provide exemption.



The duration spent in the previous program is also considered for the calculation of maximum education time of the new program.



For the information on tuition fee payments please visit the link below;



Announcements for accepted candidates should be followed at

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