The applicants who want to benefit from the Law No. 7143 regarding the academic amnesty have to make their application within four months after the date of law's entry into force (deadline: 18th September 2018, 17:30 by local time in Turkey).

Applicants who are on military service on the date of law's entry into force can benefit from the rights identified in the law if they apply within two months after their discharge.


Start date of applications: 18th of May, 2018

Deadline of applications: 18th of September, 2018,  at 17:30.

For those who are on military service: Within two months after their discharge


ODTÜ Practice Principles of the related law will be specified by the University Senate and announced on the webpage of the Registrar's Office at


The medium of education is English in all undergraduate and graduate programs. The applicants have to document their English proficiency with a valid exam result approved by the University Senate. Applicant who have been a registered student within last four semesters do not need to document their English proficiency.  applicants who have paused their education for more than two years as of 18th May 2018 have to document their English proficiency. The list of accepted English exams and the minimum scores are available on this link: There is no need for English proficiency for applications to the Vocational School of Higher Education. Applicants who fail to document their English proficiency will lose their right to re-register. 




You can use the online application form available via the link given below. You will upload the criminal record downloaded from e-devlet. Unless you upload this record, you cannot finalize your application. Registrar’s Office will verify the authenticity of the record. Your application will not be approved otherwise.


Applicants without a Turkish nationality must upload the first page of their passport to the related field.


Students who have been placed by the ÖSYM but have not registered to the university will apply by hand to the Registrar's Office with the exam result document and application petition.


Students who have been accepted to a graduate program but have not registered to the university will apply by hand to the Registrar's Office with their acceptance letter, criminal record and application petition.


Applications received by post will not be taken into evaluation.


Online Application Form


*Higher Education Council's Practice Principles for the Law No. 7143 are available here


*The full-text of the Law No. 7143 published on the Official Gazette is available on this link: