Announcement on The Occupational Health and Safety Course


Dear Students,


The current Turkish Occupational Health and Safety Law required the amendment of Article 5/ı of Higher Education Law No.2547, which came into effect upon being published in the Official Gazette No. 29336 on April 23, 2015*.


In accordance with this amendment, two occupational health and safety courses have to be included as must courses in the undergraduate curriculums of the departments where the students can undertake occupational health and safety specialist positions upon graduation. The Departments are listed as:

  • All Departments of the Faculty of Engineering,
  • Departments of Physics, Chemistry and Biological Sciences of the Faculty of Arts and Science, and
  • Departments of Architecture, City and Regional Planning and Industrial Design in the Faculty of Architecture. 


All the students who were enrolled to METU in one these Departments starting with the Academic Year 2016-2017 have to take these courses.  The first one of these courses, OHS 101 will be given in the Spring Semester of Academic Year 2017-2018 to the students who started their undergraduate program in the aforementioned Departments in and after Academic Year 2016-2017.  The course will be offered online via ODTUClass, and no exemption exams will be given. Besides, it will not be possible to drop the course.


Please find detailed information about the course from the link given below.




*  Article 5 / ı of Higher Education Law No.2547 has been amended as follows.


ı) (Amended: Article 3747/1-29/5/1991  In higher education institutions, Ataturks Principles and History of Turkish Revolution, Turkish language, foreign language and occupational health and safety are must courses at the faculties that train and educate students who will have the capacity to become occupational health and safety specialists when they graduate in accordance with Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331 and dated 20/6/2012. In addition, one of the courses in physical education or fine arts are provided, which are not among must courses. All these courses are scheduled and applied for at least two semesters.