Dear All,

We have received various comments and questions from our members and students about the Graduation Ceremony of the 2021-2022 Academic Year. Therefore, we have decided that it would be appropriate to inform our students, their families, and all our members about the comprehensive evaluations carried out on this issue.

As the university administration, we have been working on our plans regarding how and where to hold our Graduation Ceremony for a long time. These endeavors are not only focused on the organization of the ceremony but also on ensuring the security and atmosphere of a Graduation Ceremony to be held at the Stadium.

As you know, the efforts of different groups to establish a biased and malevolent agenda through unauthorized demonstrations and gatherings at our university, as well as making our university the base of various groups, have been quite evident. While planning our Graduation Ceremony, we have received information that different groups would turn our ceremony into an area of protest for their own purposes and that these malicious efforts could cause various negativities in the ceremony to be held at the Stadium. Therefore, in the light of this situation, we have come to a point that challenges us during the preparations for the ceremony and leads us to seek different solutions.

With its unique energy and atmosphere, Graduation Ceremonies at METU have always been valuable traditional events that all of us were looking forward with great excitement and enthusiasm. It has been a symbol of the years-long efforts of our students finally being paid off while making their families and all the other members of the METU Family proud of their success. As it is known, before the pandemic, our Graduation Ceremonies continued to be held at the Stadium despite all the adverse situations that did not comply with the purpose, atmosphere, and traditions of our ceremonies. As a result, the order and flow of the ceremonies were disrupted, the diploma distribution processes were interrupted, the families and relatives of the graduating students had a hard time watching the ceremonies, and the ceremonies had to last until late hours because of all these interruptions.

At this point, although our initial plan was to continue holding ceremonies at the Stadium, we have come to the decision that it would not be possible, especially for security reasons, considering the information we have received on this matter. While we are deeply saddened by the adverse events that force us to take additional security measures and do not want such things to occur anywhere on our campus, we obviously find even the slightest chance of a negative situation emerging at the Stadium during our Graduation Ceremony unacceptable.

Therefore, the Graduation Ceremonies of the 2021-2022 Academic Year will be organized by the faculties and held at the departments on August 2-5, 2022. Additionally, a Graduation Ceremony will be held at the Culture and Convention Center for our bachelor’s degree students graduating with a top-ranking degree and for the PhD students earning their doctoral degrees from our university as of the 2021-2022 Academic Year.

Dear METU Family,

Our desire always remains to use all the resources of our university to organize a Graduation Ceremony where all our graduating students can come together, one that offers the quality and content that our alumni deserve, and one that will always remain a good memory in the minds of our alumni. In order for all the meaningful traditions of our university to continue, we expect all our students and members, especially our faculty members, to support our endeavors in this regard by remembering the primary purposes of these organizations.

METU is a large and precious family with its students, staff, and other components; therefore, the support of each and every member of this family is of great importance to preserve this integrity. We sincerely congratulate our graduates who have been raised in this atmosphere of integrity and diversity, and wish them all a healthy, successful, and happy future.


Kind regards,



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Son Güncelleme:
08/07/2022 - 11:21